In an age where every woman strives to look like Gisele it may blindside one to be called ugly. Last week I was reading Man Repeller and I was shocked to read she’d (Leandra) been referred to as “ugly as fuck” by an acquaintance in an email thread that was mistakenly not deleted and sent to her. In the article she goes on to talk about her feelings on makeup and why she doesn’t wear it.

In regard to her facial features, she also writes about what some may call imperfections, the dark circles under her eyes, wrinkles, and a hooked nose.

Later that day I found myself staring in the mirror contemplating my own appearance. What constitutes ugliness? Is it bags under your eyes? Is it wrinkles? Is it acne? Perhaps it’s a feature that is slightly askew? I understood what she meant about never having blue eyes or a perfect jawline because I too, at one point, wished I could have them. But what makes someone beautiful? Beauty, is what we make of it. After all, it is ultimately ourselves that carry out the act, behavior and attitude that someone is ugly, or fat, or not good enough. We bleach, wax, dye, paint and tan ourselves for what? Most do it to avoid being called ugly but are we really, truly ugly, or has our perception of beauty been warped?

I found her attitude and response to being called “ugly as fuck” so refreshing. Not many would have taken such a harsh comment in stride. But then again, why would she be offended? She’s ridiculously successful both professionally and romantically. She travels the world and mingles with some extremely influential people. In addition to that she’s extremely talented, smart AND funny, all traits that are seldom found together. If that’s not enough to charge your confidence meter, I don’t know what is. It seems to me that she’s got a fantastic personality and an attitude that is not only refreshing but also attractive.

No matter how physically beautiful someone is, at the end of the day if they have a crappy attitude we don’t want them around. 

By then end of the article I was even more enthralled with her and her work on Man Repeller. I think loving who you are and being comfortable in your own skin is the most beautiful trait any human can have. It’s admirable, it inspires confidence, positivity and understanding. So to Leandra and those who can relate to this and her article, you’re pretty in the best way possible. It also helps that she is actually pretty; just saying.







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