Baby Clothes Haul – Gap + Janie and Jack

















Janie and Jack

Fair Isle Mitten | Giraffe Shortall | Bunny Sweater Beanie | Cat Ear Sweater Beanie | Cable Sweater 1 Piece (similar)

Everyone gives you the same advice when you’re a first time mom. One piece of advice I keep hearing over and over is, “Do not buy too many clothes, they grow so quickly that they won’t be able to wear all of it.” As much as I appreciate all the advice and I do try to keep it in mind, when it comes to buying clothes for baby, I.just.can’ I want to buy it alllll! It’s so stinkin’ cute. H&M makes it even tougher to stick to this advice because they keep having sales, so you see, it’s not really my fault.

I purchased these items just a couple of weeks ago. I planned on linking to all of the items but I can’t find them online. However, they are still in store. I know this because I was just in again 2 days ago (buying more stuff, don’t judge me) and I saw all of these items. Most of them are on sale for $5 a piece so hurry before they’re sold out!

Janie and Jack is a new store to me. We have one here in Henderson at The District. They have the most beautiful clothing and accessories for kids. I kind of just wandered in one day while waiting for my mom to meet up with me and once she came in we couldn’t stop picking out things to buy. She has more discipline than I do though and I heard that same advice again. So I picked out just a few things and headed for the register. All of these Jack and Janie pieces are on sale now!