Christmas gifts under $50


1. Snowflake rolling pin

2. Hand-painted wallet

3. Geometric pillow case

4. Acoustic iPhone speaker

5. Japanese moss aquarium

6. Royal blue druzy necklace

7. Ceramic fox yarn bowl

8. Beachcomber mug

I’m figuratively swimming in unique Christmas gift ideas! Personally, I tend to want to keep every item I buy on Etsy that is actually intended to be a gift for others. There are just so many cool things! I’ve had my eye on number 5 for a while now. It comes from Etsy shop Pink Serissa, which was kind enough to send me one. It’s so beautiful and delicate. The aquarium includes Japanese moss balls, also known as marimo.

These balls of algae are a Japanese natural treasure and are said to live up to 200 years.

Marimo can be passed on as a family heirloom and they add an interesting touch to any room. I love the clean and delicate look of this aquarium. Keep in mind the glass of this aquarium is very thin and very delicate. It’s best placed in an area of your home where it won’t be touched very much. I accidentally broke mine after moving a glass vase next to the aquarium. In retrospect, I should have chosen a lower traffic area to display it, such as on a bookcase.

Image from Etsy shop Pink Serissa
Image from Etsy shop Pink Serissa


Single glass aquarium. Image from Etsy shop Pink Serissa

There are so many cool aquarium options in Pink Serissa’s shop. These would make a fun gift for the person that has everything. You can also find some unique terrariums in the shop. Click the links above to shop each item and follow Pink Serissa’s shop on Facebook.





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