Christmas Vegan Sugar Cookies + Royal Icing






Copper Cookie Cutters: William Sonoma | Vegan Sprinkles: Wilton (crystals & pearls) | Star Cookie Cutters: Target (large & small) | Vegan Sugar Cookie & Royal Icing Recipe: Your Daily Vegan

I’m finally over the trauma caused by undergoing this sugary adventure. If you follow me on Instagram you may have read my brief rant regarding these gorgeous albeit difficult-to-work-with copper cookie cutters. Now that the cookies have been cut, frosted, decorated, and eaten, I am finally ready to share all of the recipe details. Let me start by first stating that this is not my recipe. I browsed through maybe 15 vegan sugar cookie recipes before deciding on this particular one. The reasons being a) they looked really pretty, b) I wanted a soft vegan sugar cookie with just a bit of firmness (I’m not a fan of crispy cookies), and c) I was looking for a sugar cookie recipe that would hold its shape. Oh and I also wanted a simple recipe. This vegan sugar cookie recipe found on Your Daily Vegan met all of my criteria.

I recommend reading it a few times before actually getting to the baking part. She has a lot of great tips that will make a big difference in the final outcome of the cookies as well as notes on food coloring and sprinkles. I also used her vegan royal icing recipe, found on the same page.

I learned a few things about cookie cutter sugar cookies with this recipe. Personally, my tips include:

1.Roll the dough out slightly thicker than recommended.

Why?: If you roll out the dough too thin your shapes will break and fall apart when you go to pick them up to transfer them to your cookie sheet.

2. Have your cookie sheet right next to your dough.

Why?: The shorter the distance from where you cut your cookies to the cookie sheet the better. This minimizes the chance of cookie shapes breaking. Trust me, you don’t want to spend 5 minutes cutting out a single snowflake cookie only to have it fall apart while transferring it to the cookie sheet.

3.Use a thin, flat, stainless steel spatula. They’re technically called “slotted turners”.

Why?: This style spatula will make it MUCH easier to transfer the cookies from your cutout surface to your cookie sheet. It will also minimize cookie breakage. The thinner the spatula, the better. I used this one from Cutco, mainly because I’ve had it forever and I use it for everyday cooking. It just turned out to be perfectly suited for this task. The width of the spatula is also important, make sure to use a wide one to support as much of the cookie as possible while transferring it between surfaces.

That’s about it for my notes on the cookies. I only have one note for the vegan royal icing recipe. This icing, dries FAST. The largest cookie pictured above is also the biggest (wider than my palm) and most intricately decorated. If you’ll be decorating cookies of this size make sure to go by sections. I frosted and sprinkled each snowflake arm in sections after realizing how quickly this icing sets.

I was surprised at how well these turned out. They are soooooooooo good, even without the icing. And they’re super pretty. I opted for leaving out food coloring mainly because I wanted elegant looking cookies and also because I’m lazy. These would make a great holiday gift item as well, just throw then in a cellophane bag and wrap some shimmery ribbon around the top for a deliciously chic gift. Hope you guys have as much fun (and less crying) while making them as I did. Send or tag me in your baking pics, I’d love to see how they turn out!

Happy Holidays,

– J






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