Coffee, for me, is something very special. It reminds me of great conversation and deeply cherished moments with loved ones. For this reason, setting up to have guests over for coffee is almost ritual-like. I’m always collecting mugs, tea cups, and tableware in general. I look for special pieces that I know my guest will like. Every piece must be like a piece of art, pleasing to the eye. Having a beautifully set table can really elevate the simple experience of drinking a cup of coffee. Tableware isn’t just something used to serve meals on, it’s an extension of your fashion sense. Each piece from the linens to the glassware is a reflection of your aesthetic.


“What was once a mere block of clay is now something sleek and beautiful, artfully created by a pair of supremely talented hands.”


This cream and sugar set comes from the studio of Julia E. Dean. I instantly became enamored with this set for two reasons: it’s stunning, and it comes from one of my favorite Etsy shops. I absolutely love handmade items, and these pieces are literally a work of art. What was once a mere block of clay is now something sleek and beautiful, artfully created by a pair of supremely talented hands. The lid of this sugar jar really got my attention. At first glance it seems like any ordinary sugar jar but a second look reveals the slightly avant-garde detail in the lid. I can’t wait to debut this set on Thanksgiving, I’m sure it will bring many positive comments.

Don’t let the delicate appearance of  this creamer and sugar jar fool you. They’re made of porcelain but are quite sturdy and microwave and dishwasher safe. If you love these  as much as I do, wash them by hand to help preserve them. With Christmas soon upon us, this creamer and sugar jar would make a fantastic hostess gift. The classic design is clean and elegant and pairs well with any kitchen.

There’s another version of this cream and sugar set that has a gorgeous rustic design with a lovely hand-pressed shell pattern.


Some of my other favorites include this nautical coffee mug, the robins egg serving bowl, and the ever popular rustic woodland coffee mug.

Nautical coffee mug
Robins egg serving bowl
Rustic woodland ceramic mug

One of the best things about this collection is that these items can be customized with a name or other details, they make such amazing gifts! You can shop these items and more on Julia’s website here. Read more about her work and follow her shop via any social media page below. Use promo code “EARLYBIRD” at checkout on the Etsy shop for 15% off your order until black Friday.  Also, you can watch a short video to see how one of her mugs is created, but be warned, it’s hypnotic.

Website: Julia E. Dean
Etsy: juliaedean
Instagram: @juliaelizabethdean
Facebook: julia e. dean
Youtube: JULIA e. DEAN




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