July Favorites – Acure Organics & Pacifica Review


Bulgarian rose, violet, and myrrh linger atop fruity notes in Pacifica’s Persian Rose Body Wash. The rich, elegant, classic scent lingers on the skin even after it’s been rinsed off. It’s silky smooth liquid builds a rich lather, with just a little bit of product, and without the use of sulfates! I adore everything rose-scented. The mesmerizing note of Bulgarian rose oil and the fact that it’s a vegan formula made this a no-brainer purchase for me. I absolutely love using scented soaps that leave a subtle, delicate, and natural scent. I only opt for parfum when I go out to dinners and other social occasion. But for day to day life, natural botanicals offer an easy, lightweight yet equally enchanting alternative. This body wash is cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny approved!





Immediately after discovering Acure Organics, I became obsessed with the brand. I want to try EVERYTHING. Last month I featured two of my favorite Acure products and this month I chose to try their rose and red tea balancing toner. After the first two weeks of using Acure’s Certified Organic Toner I knew I’d have to review it. I’ve used facial toners in the past but never had any super-noticeable results, even after prolonged use. After the first week of using this organic toner I noticed the tone in my face was more balanced. Given my results with previous facial toners, I didn’t let myself get too excited at first. But after week two, I knew this product was going to find a spot among my beauty cabinet regulars.

My daily skin care routine is pretty simple: wash my face in the morning, moisturize, wash my face before bed, and I’ll use a face scrub 2-3 times a week. That’s all. Fast and simple (because honestly, who’s got the time?). I added Acure’s facial toner to my repertoire about 4 weeks ago. The spray pumps produces a nice, light mist and you don’t need to mess with cotton balls or pads to rub it on. I took notice of it’s tone balancing effects pretty quickly and thanks to that, I have officially reached my goal of wearing only 2 makeup products while out and about.

Stepping out with nothing less than a full face of makeup was absolutely necessary for me since around age 15. As I’ve gotten older and especially in recent years I have really grown to hate feeling like I need all that makeup just to run errands around town. Even when my makeup looked “natural” I still had about 12 different makeup products on. Applying foundation, corrector, and concealer are my least favorite part of doing my makeup so I thought that it wouldn’t really be necessary if I had good skin, so I set out to accomplish that. My regular use of Acure’s facial scrub keeps my skin smooth and blemish-free. But I usually have some redness, darker under eyes, and some general unevenness in my skin tone.

After 3 weeks of using this toner I felt pretty comfortable going out sans foundation, corrector, or concealer. I went to the grocery store and later to Nordstrom’s that day. If I’m being perfectly honest, I thought I was going to get some weird faces and maybe some semi-concealed gasps or even light finger-pointing by terrified onlookers wondering how I let myself out of my house in that condition. I could envision myself inside Nordstrom’s running from mannequin to mannequin, stopping to hide behind each one in a trail that led to the nearest exit. Okay so that may be a little overly-dramatic but a small part of my mind did actually see those scenarios playing out.

Anyway, none of that happened and I was totally fine. I believe it was the very next day that I went out wearing only mascara and filled eyebrows. I felt naked but the lack of wild-eyed stares, gasps, and finger-pointing soon made me forget all about my fears. I can’t remember the last time I wore so little makeup and went out in busy public places for an extended period of time. It must have been when I was like, 12.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE playing with makeup. I have so much stuff I don’t use or have only used once in about 2 years (looking at you cerulean blue metallic eyeshadow), because I love buying makeup. But I think when you get to the point where you dread having to stand/sit (lay, if you’re fancy) in your bathroom for an hour applying makeup because you’re not confident to go out in your natural skin, that’s a problem. Everyone should feel beautiful and confident in their natural skin and be able to use makeup more so to get different looks they like without feeling like they NEED to wear the entire workup every time they go out. Having clear, healthy, balanced skin gave me that freedom and I owe it partially to Acure’s facial toner. I’d go on about all the other wonderful features like the fact that it’s vegan, organic, Leaping Bunny approved, bottled in a recyclable container, and so on but you can get all those facts when you buy yours 😉




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