Kut from the Kloth

KUT-3 KUT-5 KUT-6 KUT-1 KUT-9 KUT-7 KUT-8 KUT-4I recently discovered Kut from the Kloth jeans. Passing through the department store, in a rush to leave, I just grabbed them and paid for them without trying them on. When I slipped them on at home, they fit like a dream! It’s hard finding jeans that fit me well. If they fit from the the legs, the waist is too big, and conversely if they fit from the waist the legs are too big and they will be baggy on my bum. (*Sigh*) Not only are these jeans a perfect fit, they’re also super comfortable! I decided to order a couple more styles online, since they’re true to size I’ll know exactly how they’ll fit.

This wrinkly blouse, isn’t supposed to be wrinkly (I think). It’s made mostly of rayon, which is suuuuper soft but it also wrinkles like nobody’s business. That’s okay though, I don’t mind the trade-off one single bit. Sometimes it’s okay to be wrinkly, in fact, it’s better. Don’t believe me? Well then ask your grandparents, because senior discounts, that’s why!

Wearing Kut from the Kloth jeans (similar here), Side Stitch top, Calvin Klein saffiano leather tote (similar here), Nine West shoes, and handmade necklace.




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