I’m BEYOND excited to be sharing these products with you all today. If you’ve been following along, you know that I love Etsy. The talent found in Etsy shops, like this one, is unbelievable. Today’s natural skin care products come from Etsy shop aostudio9. I can’t decide which product I like best, they are all spectacular and smell divine!

Cake batter foaming sugar scrub

Cake batter is the first thing you smell when you open this product. It’ll make you nostalgic of birthday parties and little colorful paper plates. This foaming sugar scrub has super fine granules that smooth and polish the skin. It’s moisturizing and leaves a slight lingering scent of cake batter. I was worried for a second that the sweet scent of cake batter would stick once washed off and be overwhelming but it isn’t. The scent is light and uplifting. Another big plus for me is that this formula is not greasy. The oils used don’t leave residue in your shower or leave your skin feeling oily. I should also mention that a small amount goes a loooooong way and it lathers really well. I’m so excited about this product, especially since I don’t like animal fat in my beauty products and this one is vegan, and paraben-free.

Vanilla sandalwood foaming sugar scrub

Two of my favorite scents combined! If I created a foaming sugar scrub, this is exactly what I would make. Fine Madagascar vanilla and sensual sandalwood create a magnificent duo that is the perfect scent for fall. This foaming sugar scrub also contains fine granules of sugar and additionally has vanilla beans, and specks of sandalwood. I’m absolutely loving this foaming sugar scrub. It’s moisturizing, lathers really well, and the lovely lingering scent is warming to the nose.

Face mask pellets.


Manuka honey and coconut milk face mask

This little trio is fun and makes a wonderful mask. I instantly thought of what a great gift this would make. The honey and coconut milk are blended in equal parts, with the addition of one tablespoon of warm water. Then drop the face mask pellet into the mix and watch it expand. My skin was so supple and soft after using this mask, I couldn’t stop touching my face! This mask also prepared my skin for a gentle face scrub I used afterward to get rid of some impurities. Love it!

Discover and shop more of these amazing products from Etsy shop aostudio9 by clicking here. Use promo code “BONUS25” to receive 20% off your purchase of $25+. You can also follow aostudio9 on your favorite social media platforms to stay up to date on products and promos!

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