The Best Vegan Shoes for Spring Trends 2019 | Get Ready Because You’ll Be Seeing These Everywhere

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I’m obsessed with nearly every single Spring shoe trend for 2019! How gorgeous are all of these vegan shoes?! I literally want every single pair. Lucky for me, I’ve got four of these already and I’m seriously contemplating those vegan slides by Gucci, I mean they’re seriously perfect for elevating a casual tee and jeans look. How stunning are those pvc sandals with the clear lucite heel?! I love this shoe for every single outfit. Wear it with shorts, a button up and a crossbody purse. Or dress them up with a belted shirtdress outfit and a cute top handle tote. I LOVE the traditional shape of this shoe done with an edgy material like pvc and lucite, a perfect combo for springs transparent shoe trend.

7 Spring Shoe Trends for 2019

Speaking of Spring shoe trends, let’s talk about them. I focused on seven spring shoe trends for this round up, which are:

Strappy heels

Ankle strap shoes

Animal print shoes

Transparent heels

White shoes



Transparent Shoes & Animal Print Heels

Transparent shoes are one of my favorite spring shoe trends. The classic shapes done in PVC are a great way to add a hint of edge to your style while still keeping it classic or feminine. The options are nearly endless for clear pvc shoes thanks to the Kardashians wearing this style frequently since last year. Animal print shoes are HUGE right now and you’ll be seeing this trend ramp up even more for summer and possibly through fall. The options range from flats to sandals, boot, heels and everything in between. I’ve always loved and kept a cheetah or leopard print pump in my wardrobe because it’s such a versatile item. The print goes acts like a neutral and goes with nearly everything. A fun animal print shoe is also a great way to elevate a look or add a bit of edge to a conservative look.

See how I styled number 9 here and here. See two ways to style number 25 (leopard print pumps) here and here. See one way I styled number 22 here.

All Of These Are Vegan Shoes

If you’re new around here, I adopted a vegan diet a little over 2 years ago. Shortly after that, I decided to switch up my entire lifestyle to a vegan one which meant getting rid of all animal products in my home from shoes to laundry detergent to makeup, deodorant, and everything in between. My leather shoes were the first to go. Now all the shoes I wear and link here on my blog are vegan shoes. Every single one of the shoes listed above is made of vegan leather. None of the shoes contain animal leather, fur, animal skin (such as snake skin) or animal hair such as (calf hair). If you have any questions or recommendations, drop a comment below or send me message on my Instagram.








The Best Vegan Chicken Salad | Quick & Easy + Makes a Great Make Ahead Meal

Part of our Easter Sunday Picnic.
Salsa, Guacamole, Lemon Creme Cookies, and Melon Salad from our Easter Sunday picnic.
Vegan Chicken Salad and Vegan Turkey and Cheese Sandwiches.

Lemon Print Table Cloth | Mixing Bowls (similar) | Glass Tuperware

We had the yummiest chicken salad this past Sunday at our Easter picnic. I’ve tinkered with this recipe over the last year and it’s absolute perfection now. Omnivores and vegans alike love this salad. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I get asked for the recipe every single time I share this salad with someone new. I’ve been meaning to share it with friends and family but I thought it’d be best to post it here for everyone to enjoy and this will also save me having to send like, a dozen emails, lol.

So what makes this vegan chicken salad so great? It’s the perfect balance of sweet and savory, for starters. The dried cranberries and hint of maple syrup give this dish just the right amount of sweetness. There’s also some cold celery and almond slices which lend a great crunch. Chickpeas kick up the fiber and protein content and the vegan mayo is free of saturated fat (artery-clogging fat), yay! You can use any kind of vegan chicken but my favorite one so far for this dish is Gardein’s Meatless Chick’n Strips. I sauté them lightly then let them cool before chopping. This vegan chicken salad is perfect as a sandwich with some crunchy lettuce for lunch. It’s also great for groups; served with tortilla chips for your next get together. This vegan chicken salad is best served cold, making this a great make ahead meal.

Vegan Chick’n Salad Recipe

Time Prep: 20 min | Cook Time: 10 min

Serves 6


1 bag Gardein Meatless Chick’s strips, lightly sautéed, chopped

2 celery stalks, chopped

2 green onions, chopped

1 can (15 oz) organic garbanzo beans, drained & rinsed

1/2 cup dried cranberries, chopped

1/2 cup Follow Your Heart Original Veganaise

1/4 cup sliced almonds

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

1 tablespoon organic maple syrup

1/2 teaspoon dijon mustard

1/2 teaspoon sea salt

1/2 teaspoon onion powder

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder


Place the drained chickpeas in a large mixing bowl and mash them with a fork. Place the rest of the ingredients into the same bowl and stir until combined. Cover and chill for a couple hours or enjoy right away.


Hawaii (Kauai) Vacation Outfits: Snakeskin Print Shirt Dress with Vegan Wedges

Dress: H&M (similar here, here, and here) | Shoes: Charles by Charles David (similar here & here)

Purse: Amazon (similar) | Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs | Hat: Zappos

Earrings: Nordstrom Rack (old, similar here & here)

Finally sharing another look I wore during our Kauai vacation a few weeks ago. Can you tell I’m wearing a bathing suit underneath this dress? Hahaha. We were headed to the kid beach at Lydgate Park in Kapaa on this particular day. I wore this look  during the earlier part of the day while we shopped and explored Kauai. Then as beach cover up with vegan leather sandals a low bun and oversized sunglasses (see last two photos) while we were at the beach. Snakeskin print can be so versatile and this style of dress can be worn and styled many different ways so for under $50, it’s an excellent buy. This dress is almost sold out but I linked a few other similar styles that are totally worth it for their versatility and comfort.

I got a lot of questions about these wedges and my hat. First, my shoes are made of vegan leather and are under $100. They’re pretty comfortable for walking around in all day and the cork wedge makes is perfect for spring and summer outfits. Now for my hat, I’ve had it for years and it’s a super popular style so it’s still current. It comes in a few different colors, I have both the white and the natural color. I love the extra large brim; perfect for protecting your delicate skin from the shoulders up as you lay on the beach for hours. You may wonder how you’d pack such a large hat for travel but this one you can fold up pretty easily and it springs back up once its unpacked. You can also use this travel hat box. I also highly recommend this travel box for storing and protecting multiple sunglasses and jewelry.

Hawaii (Kauai) Vacation Outfits: Tropical Floral Dress

Dress: H&M | Sandals: BGBGeneration (50% off!)| Bag: Amazon | Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Earrings: BaubleBar

How perfect is this print for a tropical getaway?! I wore this look to dinner on Athena’s birthday. We ate at the beautiful and award-winning restaurant Red Salt. I wanted to wear something nice but not too dressy so this is the look I pulled. This dress is so soft and comfy. I linked the wrapped version of this dress though (it’s the same print) because this exact one is sold out. My sandals are now over 50% off and they come in four different colors including tan (pictured), black, white, and blue. I love the cushioned footbed and the large chainlink detail.

I still can’t get over these cute white oversized flower earrings from BaubleBar! I got SO MANY compliments and questions about them. They’re still available but if you like them get them asap because they’re one of their most popular styles and they’ll most likely sell out soon. Lastly, if you’re looking for a Chloe ring bag dupe, you need to check out this one I found on Amazon. It comes in various colors, it’s cruelty-free because it’s made of vegan leather, and it’s only $40 compared to the original $1,700! For a better look, you can also see it styled two different ways here and here.


Family Trip to Kauai, Hawaii 2019 | Where We Stayed + The Most Family Friendly Spots

Did you know Kauai is also called the Garden Isle because it is SO green and lush? The next morning after we arrived I posted several Instagram stories showing the islands gorgeous vegetation. It’s super green and brimming with big bright flowers. Most areas look like an untouched jungle. I got at least a dozen messages of people saying it looked like the scenery from Jurassic Park. Well, that’s because Jurassic Park was shot on Kauai! Good eye, you guys. If you’re thinking about visiting Hawaii with kids, Kauai is a pretty awesome choice.

You’re probably wondering how to vacation in Kauai with kids. A lot of parents also commonly ask, “is Kauai safe for kids?” Let me ease your mind and say yes, Kauai is perfectly safe for kids of all ages. Kauai is basically a circle with one highway stretching along the perimeter. However, the highway ends on the west shore and doesn’t connect to the north shore, so if you want to drive from the west to the north, you’ll have to go 3/4 around the island to get there. This island has four distinct shores, which I discuss below. Read on to discover how to vacation in Kauai with kids.

Kauai with kids

The allure of Kauai is quite unique. It has a slow-paced way of life, with a calm and charming ambiance; this was one of the main reasons we chose Kauai. Marc and I first visited Kauai back in 2014 and we fell in love with it. Being familiar with this island is another reason we chose this spot. Additionally, Kauai is super family-friendly. We saw a lot of families all throughout our 10-day stay. Most families had kids under the age of 5 and the majority of parents had infants. We also saw a lot of couples on their babymoon.

Pros of vacationing in Kauai with kids

-Family friendly

-Safe (low crime rate)

-Calm beaches

-Shallow beaches

-Kid-friendly activities

-Easy to get around

-Little to no traffic

-Grocery stores open late

-Major retailers like Costco & Walmart

-Super friendly locals

The main goal of this trip was to celebrate Athena’s birthday. Last year, we threw a party for her first birthday which was more for us. We got all the pictures and did the very typical first birthday thing with lots of decorations and a big cake, etc. This year, we wanted her to enjoy her birthday more. Since she loves being in the water, we decided to take her to the beach. The main purpose of the trip was to relax, enjoy our time with Athena, and make sure she enjoyed the trip too. We planned a couple of activities but that was it. Mostly, we wanted to take it easy and relax on the beach while our toddler made sand castles and splashed around. If that’s how you’re looking to spend your vacation too, then Kauai is a perfect choice.

What’s the best time to visit Kauai?

The best time to visit Kauai is in April and May. We visited in the middle to end of March this time around and the weather was excellent about eighty percent of the time. The average temperature was about 75 degrees during the day and it would drop to about 62 in the night time. The other time, we did see a bit of rain and cloudy skies, which we love, but it doesn’t make for a great beach trip. It’s also a bit windier in March. April and May have excellent weather, sunny and warm with only the tiniest bit of rain in small stretches and mostly on the north shore. The humidity and heat really start to ramp up in June and July so be aware of this if you’re traveling with small children and infants.

Family Vacation in Kauai – Where should you stay?

The only airport is in Lihue which is located on the southeast part of the island. The south shore, where we stayed, is a 25 minute drive from Lihue.

The north shore – Princeville

This part of the island has the nicest resorts including the St. Regis. Everything is a little pricier in this area and a is little more ritzy. This is also the rainiest part of the island. While the beaches on the north shore are beautiful, they are not calm. This means, the surfing is great but it’s not very suitable for young children. There are lots of restaurants and shopping available and the landscape is stunning. From some areas, you can see mountains, rainforest, and ocean all in the same view! Princeville is also where you’ll find the magical, swimmable, sinkhole known as Queen’s Bath.

Be sure to stop at the scenic overlook point in Hanalei, it’s breathtaking.

Hanalei Bay beach. It tends to be cloudy and rainy on this part of the island and the waves are not the best for kids but with close supervision, it’s a beautiful spot to relax.

The east shore – Kapaa

Kapaa is the most affordable part of the island. It’s also got great restaurants, especially if you’re looking for vegan food in Kauai. We had a bit of a hard time finding vegan food on the rest of the island, but Kapaa had the most options. One particular restaurant worth noting is Eat Healthy Kauai, it’s 100% plant-based; vegan or not, this place is a gem for foodies. Kapaa is also very family-friendly. One of our favorite kid-friendly beaches in Kauai, Lydgate Beach Park, is here. It’s a treelined beach with a shallow enclosed swimming area, perfect for kids 5 and under. There’s also a huge park area next to the beach with lots of shade where your little one can run around for hours. They’ll also enjoy chasing the chickens that roam free. This area also has lots of spots with tables and benches, perfect for a family picnic. Lydgate Beach Park is a long stretch of land, if you’re looking to get to the kid-friendly swimming area, follow the directions for the Kauai Bike Path, it gets you the closest. Be advised, traffic on this part of the island can get heavy and there’s no way around it.


At Lydgate beach wearing our matching Atocha necklaces. This beach is perfect for toddlers, the water is calm and shallow.

The south shore – Koloa

This is where we decided to stay, mainly because it’s where we stayed last time and we loved it. The south shore of Kauai is the most family-friendly part of the island. It is also the sunniest part of the island. It has two very kid-friendly beaches, Baby Beach & Salt Pond Beach, that are enclosed and have shallow waters, perfect for little ones. Koloa has all the conveniences nearby including, shopping, restaurants of all categories, grocery stores, drugstores, gas stations, souvenir shops, parks, and beaches of course.

Salt Pond Beach is another great beach for toddlers, the water is calm and shallow. This is where all the locals go and it doesn’t get packed like other beaches.

Free hula show at the Shops at Poipu Village.

They even have free hula shows at the Poipu Shopping Village on Mondays and Thursdays at 5 pm, they have the kids join them on stage at the end and it’s really cute to watch. By the way, Poipu Shopping Village has the world famous Puka Dog- featured on Anthony Bourdain’s show No Reservations, and they have a vegan hot dog option! Just a few minutes up the road is another great shopping spot, The Shops at Kukuiula, where you can find a beautiful selection of produce and local foods at the farmers market every Wednesday from 3:30-6. Fun fact: Kauai’s south shore is the safest part of the entire island, it has the lowest crime rate. Traffic on this part of the island is minimal. Lastly, the south shore is home to Kauai’s famous tree tunnel, which you’ll pass through whenever you leave or enter the south shore, don’t worry, you can’t miss it.

The west shore – Waimea

Kauai’s west shore is beautiful and home to the Waimea Canyon State Park. We didn’t find any suitable activities for a toddler in this part of the island but if you’re traveling with your partner or your teenagers, it might be fun to check out the hiking trails. The canyon views from the overlook points are gorgeous.

Where to stay in Kauai with kids

The walk from our villa at Poipu Kai to Poipu Beach. You can see the beach at the very far end. Note the paved sidewalk to the right.

Poipu Beach Park

You’re probably wondering where to stay in Kauai with kids. If you read about the islands 4 distinct shores, you’re probably leaning towards the east or south shore. Of the two, I would highly recommend the south shore. Specifically, we stayed in Poipu, which is the very southern part of the island at The Villas at Poipu Kai. This place was amazing and perfect for families! It sleeps six and would be perfect for a large family, two smaller families traveling together, or, in our case, one small family that just wants a lot of room. This is the exact listing for the place we booked (I got A LOT of questions about this in my Instagram DMs). However, the actual villa that was reserved for us was more like this one. It was a three bedroom (2 masters), 2.5 baths, 1600 sq ft, with a kitchen, living room, dining area, and a patio. One of the most popular beaches, Poipu Beach, is just a 6-minute walk from our villa. It’s such a pretty walk too; there’s a paved pathway that takes you straight there and its surrounded by grass, trees, flowers, birds- it’s lovely. You can see videos of our villa over on my Instagram stories Kauai highlight here.

What do the Villas at Poipu Kai include?

The properties are really large, it feels like being at home. We had a full kitchen with appliances including a blender, instant pot, baking pans, etc. We let them know ahead of time that we were traveling with a toddler and they provided a highchair and pack n play at no extra charge. There was a large dining table and stools lining one side of the kitchen counter. Each unit also has a washer and dryer, which was super helpful. They provided 3 large packs of detergent, plenty of towels, including beach towels and beach chairs. The living room had a huge tv, as did the master bedrooms. The third room also came with a tv, though not as large. Both the master bedrooms had walk-in closets. The larger master bedroom had a huge tub and double doors leading to the patio. We got the best villa, the one right behind the pool, which I loved because we could still see the pool clearly but had a lot more privacy from the plants and rocks partially blocking our patio.

Vegan smoothie cups from Anake’s Juice Bar, a 3-minute drive from the Villas at Poipu Kai. Note all the plants surrounding the patio.

Breakfast on the patio. Note the large boulder providing more privacy to our patio. Behind the boulder is a waterfall that leads into the hot tub.

If you want the exact villa we rented with the more private patio it’s villa number B111. Not all places in Kauai have air conditioning, like the condo we rented during our first visit, but these villas all have a/c and ceiling fans in every room. My favorite part of the villa was the wall to wall glass doors that open up linking the patio with the living room. 

The entire resort is not a true resort but does have that resort feel. They have self check-in which means before you arrive, you’ll get a code to enter on the keypad to your villa’s front door. When you arrive, you simply enter the 4 digit code and let yourself right in. The staff that runs the property is very friendly and quick to reply to any problems and concerns. The microwave in our villa wasn’t working so we called to get it fixed. They couldn’t fix it straight away so they bought a brand new microwave and set it up right away. I also appreciated the quiet hours rule from 10 pm- 6 am. There was a large group of people loudly celebrating someone’s 21st birthday at the pool but promptly dissipated at 10 pm. Any parent with sleeping toddlers will really appreciate this too.

The Villas at Poipu Kai also have a clubhouse with a gym. In the center of the property is a beautiful pool with jacuzzi and a man-made waterfall. The pool area is enclosed, offers a grill area, and is surrounded with lounge chairs. I really appreciated how clean the property was kept. Every morning I’d see the staff members out there working to ensure every part of the property was clean and the landscape well manicured. Click here to see details, a full list of amenities, and book your villa at Poipu Kai.

How to save money on your Kauai vacation

Pro tip: I saw the listing for our villa wasn’t booked up like some of the other lower price point villas. Seeing that they were having trouble filling that particular villa due to the higher price point and seeing that we would be staying for 10 days, I decided to call and ask about a discounted rate. A very nice and friendly gentleman helped me and answered all my questions. We ended up getting a really nice deal and we booked it in less than 15 minutes. It was so quick and easy!

The most kid-friendly beaches in Kauai

We spent our entire 10 days hitting up all the kid-friendly beaches. On the first day, we took the 6-minute walk from our villa to Poipu beach. The waves here can get pretty wild but during the mornings it’s typically tame and suitable for children. The rest of the days we alternated between Lydgate Beach, Salt Pond Beach, Baby Beach, and Hanalei Bay Beach (this one being the farthest and least-kid-friendly). On the last day, our flight didn’t depart until 6 pm but we had to check out of our villa at 11 am so we decided that day would not be a beach day.

Baby Beach

Baby Beach. This spot is only a 6-minute drive from the Villas at Poipu Kai.

Instead, we took Athena for a train ride at the Kauai Plantation Railway to see the animals. The train ride is a 40-minute ride through Kauai’s first sugar cane plantation which covers 405 acres. You’ll see all types of fruit and flower trees as well as animals. The train makes one stop where patrons can disembark and feed the pigs a snack. Our toddler loves trains and had a blast on this little field trip. Ticket’s for adults are $20 per person, tickets for children 3-14 are $14, and children under 3 ride for free. This is a great activity to do on the last day because it’s close to the airport, just a 10-minute drive between the two spots. You can ride the train, then have a relaxing dinner before heading to the airport. Be sure to check out the shopping at the plantation, they have Atocha jewelry for sale, which is made from real sunken Spanish treasure!

On the train at the Kauai Plantation Railway, stopping to feed the pigs a snack.

Let me know in the comments if I missed anything or if you have any questions about traveling to Kauai with kids. You can also reach me over on my Instagram at @jeanettepadillavega or send me an email directly at If you know someone who could use this guide, make sure to share it with them!

Hawaii (Kauai) Vacation Outfits: Floral Blue Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit: Faithfull The Brand (also available from Amazon)

Silky soft and SUPER comfortable— this floral jumpsuit was the perfect piece for running around barefoot on the grass on a beautiful, sunny day in Kauai. We were in Hanalei Bay which is on the north shore of Kauai. The wind was blowing, we could see the mountains, forest, clouds, ocean, and plenty of palm trees from this spot. We were right next to a beautiful church that has the prettiest stained glass windows. A breeze was blowing and the rays of light filtering in and out of the clouds as they moved past was just beautiful. I felt like we were in some sort of magical fairyland.

We went straight to the beach right after this and drank fresh coconut water (from actual coconuts!) and had the yummiest vegan snickerdoodles from Java Kai (both of which we picked up in Kapaa on our way to the north shore). Finding fresh coconuts on this island is a little tougher than one would think. We got these from a stand that’s right outside of this Thai restaurant. This same little stand also has some really delicious vegan coconut taffy, which make great gifts!

A little more about this jumpsuit, its got a cropped leg and a zipper in the back. The top ties behind the nape of the neck and on the end of the ties are these cute little white tassels. The print and color are my favorites, it’s such a delicate looking and feeling piece that I was surprised at how comfortable and easy it was to move around in. It’s made of rayon crepe, so it feels super soft, lightweight, and perfect for warm weather.

Fun fact: Did you know rayon comes from trees? It was first produced in the 19th century as a substitute for silk. #vegansilk




Hawaii (Kauai) Vacation Outfits: Yellow Floral Maxi Dress With Woven Straw Tote Bag

Dress: Nordstrom | Purse: Amazon | Earrings: BaubleBar | Sandals: Target

Sunglasses: Target (sold out, similar here)

This yellow kimono sleeve maxi dress has got to be the most comfortable maxi dress I’ve ever owned AND it’s on MAJOR SALE right now! It’s like, 40% off and you’re going to want to grab one asap before your size sells out. It’s the perfect summer dress! The cherry blossom print is adorable and the fabric is lightweight and flowy. I love a kimono-style sleeve maxi dress. The waist is a true wrap-style, meaning it’s not sewed together and you can actually open the dress and wrap it around. It ties at the waist with an extra long sash that flutters beautifully with the slightest breeze. I got so many compliments on this dress during our stay in Kauai. I think it’s because the flowy fabric makes this dress look so chic but still super casual due to the print. This dress shape is also super flattering on all body types. It covers imperfections and gives you a beautiful shape. I also wore it as a swimsuit cover-up and it can also be worn with wedges and a cute clutch to dress it up. It’s such a versatile piece.

I also have to tell you about these earrings which you can see in the 4th picture from the top. I first saw them on Rachel Parcell and instantly knew I needed them. The white floral shape is perfect for spring and summer looks. They’re made of white resin with a fabric covered center. I wore them with almost all my outfits in Kauai even though I brought lots of other styles, these are just so pretty and they really go with everything. They’re also available in a few other colors and prints.

Lastly,  I can’t wrap this post up without telling you about my $15 sandals. How pretty are these? Again, this is a style that goes with everything. I had these on repeat almost every day in Kauai. The ones I got are a muted gold color, but they also come in a beautiful tan leather as well as a few other colors. Best of all is that these are made of vegan leather. Finding cute vegan leather sandals can be tough, especially ones at such a great price point so I suggest you grab a pair before they’re sold out.

Really quick before I sign off if you’re in Kauai go to Anake’s juice bar (click here for their Yelp), get a Poipu Paradise smoothie bowl (without honey, to make it vegan) then walk across to this shopping center (The Shops at Kukuiula) and enjoy your bowl at a bench under the large trees. That’s what we did on this day for breakfast. Athena had so much fun chasing the birds while we enjoyed our smoothie bowls. There’s also a farmers market every Wednesday from 3:30-6. The produce selection is unbelievable and the prices are pretty great. I got a HUGE bag of fresh basil for $3!.

Hawaii (Kauai) Vacation Outfits: Flowy Tunic With Shorts & Gladiator Sandals

TOP: Free People (so soft and flowy!)| SHORTS: Revolve | SANDALS: Charlotte Russe (similar here & here) | PURSE: Amazon (Chloe Marcie bag dupe!) | PURSE SCARF: Free People        SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker  | EARRINGS: Forever21 ($7!!!)

Greetings from Hawaii!!! I’ve been meaning to publish like 5 different posts but this trip had me losing my mind. We were scrambling to get ready for it, so much so that we ended up leaving 5 days later than we originally planned because we weren’t ready when we were supposed to be, lol. Anyway, we’ve been having the best time here in Kauai. We’re on the smallest and greenest island of Hawaii, it’s also known as the Garden Island. It’s SO green and lush with flowers! Some of you said in my IG DM’s that this place reminded you of Jurassic Park, which is funny because that movie was filmed here! The weather has been perfect, we’ve been eating smoothie bowls every day and playing on the beaches. I feel just like I did last time, I don’t want to leave, lol. We’re here a total of 10 days so let’s see how I feel on day 9.

Athena has been splashing her little heart out. She LOVES the water! She really is such a water baby, just like her birth sign, Pisces. Every morning she wakes up and says, “Let’s eat ice cream!”, that’s what she calls smoothie bowls. Then after breakfast, she’ll say, “Let’s go beach! I build sand castle!” Lol. I love how much she loves it here and how happy she is. I thought she’d be scared of the water but no, she just gets right and walks all around, lol. Kauai is so family friendly; I’ve seen more families with babies/toddlers and pregnant women than I can count. If you’re thinking of taking your family to Hawaii, consider coming to Kauaii and stay on the south shore in Poipu, it has the most kid-friendly beaches with shallow, calm waters.

You guys, I’ve gotten so many compliments on this top and these earrings. My top is super soft, lightweight, flowy, and perfect for spring/summer. It definitely has a vacation feel, however, when I first tried it on I was wearing jeans and black over the knee boots and it looked really cute that way too. So It’s a versatile piece; which, by the way, I try to only buy pieces that can be worn and styled at least 3 different ways. Versatile pieces are my fave because I love the challenge of wearing something in a totally different way than last time and I want pieces that I will have for a long time that can be worn in most or all seasons.

These gold palm leaf earrings are such an eye-catching piece and they’re only $7!!! I also have to tell you about this purse scarf, which you can’t really see but it’s super pretty and chic. It’s actually a scarf pony! If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t noticed these are trending like crazy right now, let me tell you all about them. This is a scrunchie with a scarf that ties onto the scrunchie part so you can wear it different ways, just the scrunchie alone, just the scarf, or with the crunchie and the scarf together. Also, you can take the scarf part off and tie it around your purse or a hat or anything you like. Another super versatile piece that I’m obsessed with!

Ok, this is a long post and it’s 10 pm here so I’ll wrap it up from today. Leave your questions or comments below!!!

Oh! One last thing, if you missed my IG stories, Charlotte Russe is going out of business and these sandals are on clearance for $15! I can’t find the link but if you have a store near you, go grab a pair. They also come in black and they’re true to size. I linked similar pairs above.

Cozy Casual Chic Weekend Style With Over The Knee Boots

Top: GAP (similar here) | Sweater: Topshop | Jeans: Good American | Boots: Steve Madden (sold out, similar here)  Bag: Topshop (sold out, similar here) | Sunglasses: Nordstrom (sold out, similar here)

Feeling so casual, cozy, and chic in this look. This sweater is seriously my favorite, it’s such a versatile piece. I styled it with leopard print pumps and a midi skirt in the last post, which you can see here. I also styled it in a gray monochrome look, which you can see here. Lastly, I also paired this same sweater with my favorite ripped jeans and canvas espadrille platforms for a super easy and casual look, which you can see on my Instagram here. If you’re looking for a super cozy, warm yet lightweight sweater, that’s also wool-free, look no further. This is the one you need, just click that link above and get cozy already!






Midi Skirt & Leopard Print Look + The Trick to Wearing Anything & Everything Well

Sweater: Topshop (similar here) | Skirt: James Perse | Shoes: Miss Lola (similar here)

Bag: DSW | Beret: Charlotte Russe (similar here & here)

I love a good leopard print piece. While my beret has been sold out, I linked two other similar options that are also cruelty-free and wool-free. I love styling berets because they’re such fun pieces and it takes me back to my time in France. This is really such an easy piece to wear; the main thing you need to remember about styling a beret is wearing it with confidence. Actually, that’s the trick to wearing most things, really.

Think about when you see a model strutting down the runway in her stilettos, her hair whisked back by the force of her body confidently cutting through the air. She looks cool, confident, and pretty much fearless. Now think about a girl wobbling in her heels as she walks down the street, uncertain whether or not she’ll make it to the next step or fall flat on her face. I’ve seen a lot of the former here in Las Vegas on the strip late at night as girls try their best to keep going in their heels even though they’re clearly in pain. I digress, but if that’s ever been you, girl, take your heels off and walk tall.

Did you know a lot of those models on the runway often wear shoes that are a size or two too small for their feet? Yep. Yet, they still walk with such unbelievable confidence because that’s what sells the look. So, next time you’re unsure about how to wear something just remember to wear it with confidence and be your stylish little self.

I can’t end this post without mentioning this chain link satchel. It’s made of faux leather and it’s the most gorgeous shade of cognac. I’ve been showing it on my Instagram feed and stories and so many of you saved it and some of you even purchased it, yay! It comes in three colors and it’s a really versatile piece. Also, the quality of this vegan leather is amazing.  Both the top handle and the cross body strap are detachable. I love the hardware on it too, it’s got such a good weight to it so it feels more high-end than it’s $50 price point. It comes in three colors: cognac, black, and bone.