zoe-dupree-1Last week I got the chance to attend a styling workshop with stylist to the stars Zoe Dupree. The event was held downtown at Las Vegas’ very own Stitch Factory. Also in attendance was Aubrie Pagano, the founder of the very unique brand Bow & Drape. Things started off with a branding exercise followed by hair and make up tutorials. Lastly, we were introduced to Aubrie Pagano and had a brief styling challenge using some fun pieces from Bow & Drape. While the attendees were buzzing with inspiration and excitement over the styling challenge I got a few minutes to sit with Zoe and ask him a few questions.

I have to ask first, where is the jacket from?

Zoe Dupree: My jacket is from H&M.

Are you serious? It’s really cool!

Zoe Dupree: I put the spikes on myself but it’s from H&M.

You did that yourself?

Zoe Dupree: Yeah, I like to do a little designing now and then.

How did you become a wardrobe stylist?

Zoe Dupree: I got started about a year ago. I wasn’t supposed to be a wardrobe stylist. I went to school for business administration. I snuck my way into the BET Awards and started networking with celebrities telling them I was a wardrobe stylist and a month later I just happened to start styling celebrities.

What is your favorite type of event to style for? Do you have a favorite?

Zoe Dupree: I love red carpets. I did the Grammy Awards, the ESPY Awards and a lot of my looks made blogs.

Can you tell us who some of your celebrity clients are?

Zoe Dupree: I worked with Terrell Suggs from the Baltimore Ravens, I worked with him for the ESPY’s. I worked for grammy nominated group SWV. I worked with Love and Hip Hop, TV One, BET just a bunch of different networks. I’m styling for a lot of different people.

Do you love what you’re doing? Is this what you want to be doing?

Zoe Dupree: Yeah but more, I’m like on the education field inspiring other stylist to get motivated letting them know that you can get started anywhere. You don’t have to have that fashion degree, you don’t have to have different things. I’m just here for motivation, I like the education thing for right now.

What would you say to those who want to become stylist but don’t have the education or experience for it?

Zoe Dupree: Dreams do come true. Like I said yesterday, I spoke at the speaker series about faith and fashion. People ask, “why are you mixing faith and fashion?” and it’s like, they are two powerful things that I love. I love fashion but my faith is really really strong so it’s like with faith you have to believe it and it’s not there. I believe that something is going to come about like being a wardrobe stylist and I made it happen.

What’s in the future for Zoe Dupree?

Zoe Dupree: I’m working on a clothing line that’s going to come out really really soon. It’s going to be exciting, it’s like a men’s luxury line. I want to pitch my own reality show, so that’s all in the works.

A BIG thank you to Zoe for taking a few minutes to sit down with me!

For questions or more information regarding styling by Zoe Dupree you can contact Zoe at:

Tel: 404-697-6114
Instagram: @ZoeDupree
Twitter: @ZoeDupree1914






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