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New Finds | Organic Vegan & Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

I’m always looking to improve my beauty and skin care products. Everything I use is now vegan and cruelty-free as of 18 months ago and just recently, I started incorporating more organic items into my skin care products. If you’re new to organic skincare, let me tell you why this matters. Women use approximately 12 beauty products per day on average. Sixty percent of what you apply on your skin gets absorbed within 25 seconds. Think about that. Lotion, face moisturizer, foundation, concealer, lipstick, shampoo, face gels, creams, exfoliants, anything that touches your skin qualifies for this absorption rate. If the ingredient in your skin care items are not organic, then you’re most likely absorbing pesticides (among other chemicals) through your skin.

Now, consider how often you use all the products and multiply it by the years you’ve been alive and the years you’ll continue to live, that’s a HUGE toxic load. My point here is not to scare you, but rather, inform you and empower you with the knowledge to do better for your skin and your health. I’ll be posting more organic beauty and skin care products regularly, and as always, they’ll be vegan and cruelty-free. I linked the same products from different online stores so you can shop at your preferred retailer, please not prices vary.

Cruelty-Free & Vegan Skincare Winter Essentials

Pacifica Face Wash | Dermae Nourishing Shampoo | Acure Marula Oil

 Acure Face Scrub | 365 Body Lotion 

Winter can really do a number on your skin. Living in the Las Vegas desert is especially troublesome this time of year. Luckily, I’ve got these beauties to keep my skin and hair clean, moisturized, and healthy. If you’ve been looking for a vegan cruelty-free face wash, you have to try Pacifica’s Rose Kombucha facewash. It gently clears away dirt and makeup without drying out your skin. Plus, it smells AMAZING! It should really be called “1,000 roses face wash” because that’s what a smells like. It reminds me of walking through a rose garden on a mild summer day. 🙂

This face scrub is my absolute favorite scrub. I use it year round but more so during the winter. It really helps keep my skin smooth and soft. Tip: leave it on for a few minutes to let the French clay really work. French clay is great for revitalizing skin, calming redness, and removing impurities & bacteria.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen me use the marula oil in my stories. I use it very often on my hair. Take one pump of this marula oil, rub it between your hands for a few seconds to heat it up and work it through your hair starting at the ends and stopping about 6 inches from the roots. During days when I don’t have time to wash my hair, I use a little dry shampoo and this marula oil to give my hair a healthy bounce and shine.

I can’t recommend these products enough, they all work really well, are vegan and cruelty-free, are made of high-quality ingredients, and are (except the marula oil) under $10!

Pro tip: Did you know many beauty products are certified cruelty-free by Peta? Yes! Peta has a cruelty-free program called Beauty Without Bunnies. If a brand says they are Peta certified or you see a Peta certified stamp on a beauty product, fashion accessory, or article of clothing, it means that specific product, or any portion of it, was not tested on animals. It also means the finished product wasn’t tested on animals either. Peta’s cruelty-free certification is great but please keep in mind, it does not necessarily mean the product is vegan. Peta’s certification only signifies the product is cruelty-free but it can also happen to be vegan. 

This can be a little confusing since we know Peta fights against using animal products of any kind, so we’d expect a Peta certified product to be vegan but that’s not always the case. One example is Wet n Wild cosmetics. Wet n Wild is not a 100% vegan brand but they do have some vegan products. When it comes to animal testing, Wet n Wild is 100% cruelty-free and does not test on animals. This cruelty-free practice is why they’re Peta certified and included in Peta’s Beauty Without Bunnies database.

When shopping for vegan beauty products of any kind, do not rely solely on the “Peta certified” stamp alone, be sure to read labels and check ingredients to find out if the product you’re looking at is cruelty-free AND vegan. Click here for a list of vegan & cruelty-free beauty brands. 



lush-favorites-anthro-mini-latte-bowlsWith summer upon us I want to share a few of my favorite things. This list will grow throughout summer but I had to start with these amazing and delightfully aromatic bath bombs. All of these items are from Lush. If you’re not familiar with Lush, run, don’t walk to a store near you if there is one. What am I saying, you can’t run in those heels, so just click here instead to check out the website.

Since the first time I walked into Lush, I knew it was going to be life-changing. Before you even walk into the store you’re sense of smell is delightfully caressed with notes of jasmine, rose and citrus. Then you walk in and it’s so aesthetically pleasing. There are bath bombs, which is what they are primarily known for, but there’s so much more, like huge blocks of soap which are cut into chunks on the spot and priced by weight.

There are beauty products like mascara and lip pigments. Their concealer is a must! Just trust me; we’ll cover that another time when I can write you a 20 page essay about it. For now let’s talk more about these bath bombs. Pictured above are my favorites that I am never without. I’ve tried every bath bomb at least once but these are my essential favorites. Bath bombs from top to bottom are: Space Girl, Fizzbanger, Sex Bomb, Twilight, and Blackberry. The rectangular bar is a bubble bar in Creamy Candy, it’s smells amazing, you’ll want to take a bite out it but please don’t.

Now for the containers. The Lemony Flutter is a cuticle cream. It’s thick and very moisturizing. It’s lemony scent is invigorating without overwhelming the senses. Although it’s made for the cuticles it can be used as a general hand cream. I love it for summertime because the heat can really dry out your skin and the scent is so refreshing on a hot day. Last is the Dream Cream, this body cream has tons of natural ingredients for soothing troubled skin. It’s hydrating without being really greasy. I’ve used it as face moisturizer on occasion and it sits well under makeup.

The small bowls holding each bath bomb are mini latte bowls from Anthropologie.

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Con la llegada del verano quiero compartir algunas de mis cosas favoritas. Esta lista crecerá a lo largo del verano, pero tuve que empezar con estos increíbles y deliciosamente aromáticas bombas de baño. Todos estos artículos son de Lush. Si usted no está familiarizado con Lush, corra, no camine, a una tienda cercana. ¿Qué estoy diciendo, no puede correr con esas zapatillas. Mejor permanezca donde esta y oprima aquí para ver el sitio de Lush.

Desde la primera vez que entré a Lush, yo sabía que los productos me cambiarian la vida. Antes de entrar en la tienda su sentido del olfato está deliciosamente acariciado con notas de jazmín, rosa y cítricos. Luego entras y es tan agradable estéticamente. Hay bombas de baño, por cual se reconoce la tienda, pero hay mucho más, como enormes bloques de jabón que se cortan en pedazos ahí mismo y se precian por peso.

Hay productos de belleza como rímel y pigmentos para labios. Su corrector es mi favorito! Cubriremos eso en otro momento, cuando te pueda escribir un reporte de 20 páginas sobre el tema. Por ahora vamos a hablar más sobre estas bombas de baño. La foto arriba representa mis favoritos, cuales nunca estoy sin. He usado cada bomba del baño hecha por Lush por lo menos una vez, pero estas son mis favoritas esenciales. Aqui estan las bombas de baño de arriba hacia abajo: Space Girl, Fizzbanger, Sex Bomb, Twilight, y Blackberry. La barra rectangular es un bar de burbujas de Creamy Candy. Huele increíble, usted querrá morderla, pero por favor, no lo haga.

Ahora, para los contenedores. El Lemony Flutter es una crema para cutículas. Es grueso y muy hidratante. Tiene un olor a limón que es vigorizante sin abrumar los sentidos. A pesar de que está hecho para las cutículas que se puede utilizar como una crema de manos en general. Me encanta para el verano porque el calor realmente puede secar la piel y el olor de limón es tan refrescante en un día caluroso. El último es el Dream Cream. Esta crema para el cuerpo tiene varios ingredientes naturales para calmar la piel te todos tipos. Es hidratante sin ser realmente grasienta. La he utilizado como crema hidratante facial en varias ocasiónes y funciona bien por debajo del maquillaje.

Los pequeños cuencos que contienen una bomba de baño son mini cuencos latte de Anthropologie.