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Midi Skirt & Leopard Print Look + The Trick to Wearing Anything & Everything Well

Sweater: Topshop (similar here) | Skirt: James Perse | Shoes: Miss Lola (similar here)

Bag: DSW | Beret: Charlotte Russe (similar here & here)

I love a good leopard print piece. While my beret has been sold out, I linked two other similar options that are also cruelty-free and wool-free. I love styling berets because they’re such fun pieces and it takes me back to my time in France. This is really such an easy piece to wear; the main thing you need to remember about styling a beret is wearing it with confidence. Actually, that’s the trick to wearing most things, really.

Think about when you see a model strutting down the runway in her stilettos, her hair whisked back by the force of her body confidently cutting through the air. She looks cool, confident, and pretty much fearless. Now think about a girl wobbling in her heels as she walks down the street, uncertain whether or not she’ll make it to the next step or fall flat on her face. I’ve seen a lot of the former here in Las Vegas on the strip late at night as girls try their best to keep going in their heels even though they’re clearly in pain. I digress, but if that’s ever been you, girl, take your heels off and walk tall.

Did you know a lot of those models on the runway often wear shoes that are a size or two too small for their feet? Yep. Yet, they still walk with such unbelievable confidence because that’s what sells the look. So, next time you’re unsure about how to wear something just remember to wear it with confidence and be your stylish little self.

I can’t end this post without mentioning this chain link satchel. It’s made of faux leather and it’s the most gorgeous shade of cognac. I’ve been showing it on my Instagram feed and stories and so many of you saved it and some of you even purchased it, yay! It comes in three colors and it’s a really versatile piece. Also, the quality of this vegan leather is amazing.  Both the top handle and the cross body strap are detachable. I love the hardware on it too, it’s got such a good weight to it so it feels more high-end than it’s $50 price point. It comes in three colors: cognac, black, and bone.

Gold Chain-Link Top Handle Crossbody Bag

Available in:

Cognac | Black | Bone

How high end does this bag look? Would you believe it’s under $50?! Shot a cute look with it today for next week but I can’t wait to share the link so I put it in my stories. It has a gold chain link top handle that’s detachable but you’re going to want to keep in on because it catches the light so well and really makes the outfit. I can’t wait to style it with all my summer looks.

Kut from the Kloth

KUT-3 KUT-5 KUT-6 KUT-1 KUT-9 KUT-7 KUT-8 KUT-4I recently discovered Kut from the Kloth jeans. Passing through the department store, in a rush to leave, I just grabbed them and paid for them without trying them on. When I slipped them on at home, they fit like a dream! It’s hard finding jeans that fit me well. If they fit from the the legs, the waist is too big, and conversely if they fit from the waist the legs are too big and they will be baggy on my bum. (*Sigh*) Not only are these jeans a perfect fit, they’re also super comfortable! I decided to order a couple more styles online, since they’re true to size I’ll know exactly how they’ll fit.

This wrinkly blouse, isn’t supposed to be wrinkly (I think). It’s made mostly of rayon, which is suuuuper soft but it also wrinkles like nobody’s business. That’s okay though, I don’t mind the trade-off one single bit. Sometimes it’s okay to be wrinkly, in fact, it’s better. Don’t believe me? Well then ask your grandparents, because senior discounts, that’s why!

Wearing Kut from the Kloth jeans (similar here), Side Stitch top, Calvin Klein saffiano leather tote (similar here), Nine West shoes, and handmade necklace.