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11 Gorgeous Vegan Designer Bags | Cruelty-Free Dupes of All Your Favorite Designer Handbags

Hi guys! At your request, I put together this designer dupes handbags post for your viewing and shopping pleasure, simply click on the handbag name to shop it. I’m including links to both the designer items as well as the dupes so that you can better compare both items if need be.

That said, the whole point of this post is to show you two things. Number one that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars or even hundreds to buy cute & stylish handbags. Number two that there is absolutely no need to use animals for accessories. Your style can be cute and cruelty-free simultaneously.

One last thing before we get to the post, have you seen the news about Vegan Fashion Week?! It’s so neat! It starts today in Los Angeles and it’s the first ever Fashion Week that’s 100% Vegan! I can’t wait to see all the gorgeous vegan accessories and clothing that’ll come out of this show!

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Chanel “Boy” Bag $5,600

Chanel ” Boy” Dupe $21 via Amazon

I’ve had my Chanel Boy Bag dupe for a little over 2 years now and it’s still in great shape. I thought, given the price point, that this bag was going to fall apart after a few months but it’s held up very nicely. I used it for two of my recent outfits. See how I styled my Chanel Boy Bag dupe with pops of red here, with leopard print here, and with camouflage here.

Chloe Faye Shoulder Bag $2,000

Chloe Faye Shoulder Bag Dupe $33

Chanel Classic Handbag  $5,600

Chanel Classic Handbag Dupe $27 via Amazon

Chanel 2.55 Handbag $5,600

Chanel 2.55 Handbag Dupe $50

Valentino Rockstud Shoulder Bag $2,200

Valentino Rockstud Shoulder Bag Dupe $40

Yuzefi Delila Crossbody $479

Yuzefi Delila Crossbody Dupe in cognac $50

Yuzefi Delila Crossbody Dupe in White $35

Chloe “Marcie” Suede Tote $2,350

Chloe “Marcie” Suede Tote Dupe $40

Saint Laurent LouLou Matelasse Shopping Tote $2,550

Saint Laurent LouLou Matelasse Shopping Tote Dupe $50

Chloe Mini “Faye” Shoulder Bag $747

Chloe Mini “Faye” Shoulder Bag Dupe $26

Gucci Soho Disco Bag $1,200

Gucci Soho Disco Bag Dupe $25 via DSW

Here’s another Gucci Soho Disco Bag Dupe in quilted chevron stripe $29 via DSW

Cult Gaia Ark Bag $168

Cult Gaia Ark Bag Dupe $44

See how I styled my Cult Gaia Ark Bag dupe with a dress here and with jeans here.

You guys, there are SO many designer dupes out there. I’m planning to do a couple more of these posts, if you all want to see them. Let me know by leaving a comment here or over on my Instagram.  Let me know what you thought of this post, or what else you’d want to see in these kinds of posts. I hope this post helps illuminate those that think vegan handbags and accessories are dull and boring. I’m also going to be sharing some awesome vegan brands that offer gorgeous pieces across all style categories, so stay tuned for that. Let me know what you thought about this post or if you have any categories you’d like me to cover for next time. I love hearing and seeing all of your feedback!

Chanel Beauty Boutique at Caesars Palace

chanel-N18-perfume chanel-la-pausa-perfume chanel-beige-perfumeChanel recently opened a new boutique here in Las Vegas inside the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace. It’s the first of it’s kind in the U.S. and they were kind enough to invite me to the grand opening, which was held this past Saturday. This Chanel boutique carries Chanel cosmetics, fragrance, skincare, and sunglasses. The boutique also carries various products exclusive to the boutique; like Les Exclusifs fragrances (pictured above)— fifteen scents inspired by the life of Gabrielle Chanel:


I’ve been using Chanel cosmetics for a decade now and even though I would say I am very familiar with the products, these scents were a new discovery to me. This is a really cool aspect of the new boutique, it allows long time aficionados of the brand to discover and experience something new. When I arrived at the event, I was promptly greeted and paired with a team member to assist me. We decided to do my makeup from beginning to end so that I could experience the new skin care products as well as some new cosmetics. The wonderfully talented Kate Lee came over at the begging of my session to see what we were going to play with. Kate holds the title of CHANEL Celebrity Make-Up Artist and has an impressive list of clients including Keira Knightley and Anne Hathaway. We went over the products we had decided to use and asked her which foundation would be best to use to be photo ready. She recommended the PERFECTION LUMIERE Velvet foundation because of it’s smooth, matte finish and said it looks great on camera.

In all of my excitement I forgot to take a picture of the freshly applied look, but this is it after a few hours after leaving the Chanel boutique. I’m wearing the ILLUSION D’OMBRE Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in “Mirage” on my eyelids. I fell in love with these eyeshadows, they are creamy and wonderfully pigmented. They go on a bit light but you can build to a darker shade. Kate applied the same eyeshadow in “Fantasme” to the inner corner of my eyes for a bit of pop. Lastly, she applied the ROUGE COCO Hydrating Crème Lip Color in “Jean“, which I must say, is very hydrating. It’s a lipstick but it feels almost like a lipgloss when applied.


After finishing my makeup, I asked Kate which foundation she would recommend for everyday wear. I wanted something lightweight with light coverage since I typically just wear a tinted moisturizer. She said the VITALUMIÈRE AQUA foundation is one of her favorites because it gives the skin a refreshed look and has SPF in it, she also recommended applying it with a beauty blender for flawless looking complexion. It was a really fun event and I have to say, Kate is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, she is such a pro and her skin is flawless! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet her.

I walked out with some new goodies, super excited to come back and buy everything else I tried. However, I recently learned that Chanel tests on animals, and that’s when my heart broke. As of late, I’ve been looking for cruelty-free cosmetics and skin care products. While I still have a lot to learn and a far way to go to completely change the products I use, I’ve started transitioning to cruelty-free EVERYTHING. From cosmetics, to skincare, shampoo, conditioner, and any other personal care products I’ve recently purchased, have been, and will continue to be cruelty-free. I was devastated to learn that the majority of well-known cosmetic brands are not cruelty-free. I’ve been using many of them for so long and never really gave much thought to it.

Given my new stance on Chanel beauty products, I still wanted to share this experience because it was such a unique one. Not may people get the chance to ask Kate Lee for makeup advice and tips so I just wanted to share that. I’ll be sharing more on cruelty-free cosmetics in the future. And the second Chanel cosmetics become cruelty-free, I’ll be the first one running in to buy one of everything. But for now, I have to say so long to my decade-long Chanel purchases.

Jewelry Inspiration





This look from the Chanel Spring 2015 Couture show was on my mind all day after I saw the show. I couldn’t get it out of my head so I decided to make something I could wear that reminded me of it. I used a variety of semi precious gemstones including various tones of jade and pastel yellow chalcedony to make these earrings. You may notice they are not identical but that was done intentionally. I  chose all pastels to resemble the overall look of the garment but I used different shapes of stones to create a bit of juxtaposition. Tiny onyx beads were added sparingly to match the ratio of pastel to black as seen in Chanel’s look.

I’ve been wanting to add DIY projects to the blog but haven’t thought of the right thing to start with. Jewelry is a good place to start I think. Creating something like these earrings can seem a bit complicated but it’s actually really simple once you learn a few basic tips. I’m excited to share these for now but next time I’ll add step by step details on how to make them. My favorite part about jewelry making is that you can design and personalize everything in great detail so that you end up with exactly what you want. It’s honestly harder to think of a design than it is to make a piece of jewelry. If you haven’t seen the Chanel show, check it out here.

From left to right:

Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Emotion

Chanel Number 5 Eau de Premiere

Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow in Tisse Fantaisie

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Matte Lip Colour in La Rafinee

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

e.l.f Studio Complexion Brush


Beauty-bliss-1 Beauty-bliss-2

Small boxes that open to reveal colorful circles of rouge, highly-pigmented squares of eye shadows in striking hues, and all of the the glossy, rich, lip options, what’s not to like? I’ve loved makeup since before I was old enough to wear it. Most days I typically only wear about 3 things on my face: tinted moisturizer, concealer, and blush. I really dislike the feel of heavy makeup on my face (cake face, anyone?) and not to mention the time it takes to put on the entire list of beauty fixes. Everyone once in a while, however, I do like to throw in a bit of primer, mascara, and eyeliner. It all really depends on what I’m doing that day.

With this in mind, yesterday was spent shopping for new makeup essentials (and the Altuzarra x Target collection pics coming soon!) with my friend Caitlan. On my list of necessities were: primer, foundation, blush, mascara, and lipstick. After scouring every makeup counter at Nordstrom’s at least twice, I picked up a primer, blush, and lipstick. Then we headed to the Bobbi Brown counter and were promptly helped by a lovely lady. She matched a shade of foundation perfectly to my skin tone and gave me several great recommendations and samples. You guys, the Bobbi Brown counter is where it’s at 😉 So helpful!

This is what I decided on:
NARS Pro-Prime Oil Free Pore Refining Primer
A super lightweight but heavy duty primer. It smooths like nobody’s business, think of it like liquid Spanx for your face! It truly minimizes pores and has a matte, satin finish. And I can’t emphasize the lightweight feeling enough. This is a big deal for me since I hate the feeling of piled on makeup.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish SPF 15 Foundation (in 3.5 Warm Beige)
Lightweight liquid foundation with medium to full coverage. This instantly became a favorite of mine. I was amazed at the great coverage you can get from such a lightweight liquid. It still lets your skin breath and feels like you have nothing on.

CHANEL Joues Contraste Powder Blush (in Emotion)
I’ve been using Chanel’s blush for years. Their compacts come with a brush which is quite useful when you want to take it with you for touch ups, and their classic design always draws me back to them. This formula is pigmented just right to give you perfect color with a single swipe without making you look like a hooker.

Bobbi Brown ‘Smokey Eye’ Mascara
Another instant favorite of mine. The brush helps cover every single lash so you’re left with long, full, dark lashes. I was amazed at how much thicker and longer it made my lashes with only a single application; again, lending to the lightweight feeling since you don’t have to put on a lot to get amazing eyelashes. It also separates the eyelashes quite well. I was duly impressed with this mascara!

Clinique Almost Lipstick (in Black Honey)
The name says it all, it’s “almost” lipstick. Very dark in color at first glance but it goes on sheer, giving you a wine-stained lip with a bit of hydration.

Pequeñas cajas que se abren para revelar círculos coloridos de rubor, cuadros de sombras pigmentados en tonos llamativos, y todos las ricas opciones de lápices labial, que más puede uno pedir? Me ha gustado el maquillaje desde antes de que tenía edad para usarlo. Ahora, la mayoría de los días normalmente sólo uso 3 cosas en mi cara: tintado hidratante, corrector, y rubor. No me gusta la sensación de mucho maquillaje en mi cara. Y tampoco me gusta pasar mucho tiempo aplicando todo el maquillaje que uno tiene la opción de usar para tener una cara perfecta. De vez encunado, sin embargo, me gusta usar un poco de primer, rímel, y delineador de ojos. Realmente todo depende de lo que estoy haciendo ese día.

Con esto en mente, ayer la pase de compras buscando nuevos productos esenciales de maquillaje (y comprando elementos de la colección Altuzarra x Target, esperen fotos muy pronto!) con mi amiga Caitlan. Mi lista de necesidades incluyó: primer, base, rubor, rímel, y un lápiz labial natural. Después de visitar cada sección de cosméticos en Nordstrom por al menos dos veces, cogí una primer, rubor y lápiz labial. Luego nos dirigimos al mostrador de Bobbi Brown y nos ayudaron de inmediato. Me mostraron una base que es perfectamente compatible con el tono de mi piel y me dio varias buenas recomendaciones y muestras. Deben de visitar el mostrador de Bobbi Brown, so tan amable y servicial!

Esto es lo que compre:
NARS Pro-Prime Oil Free Pore Refining Primer
Un primer súper ligero que deja la piel con una textura súper refinada. Suaviza como ningún otro, piensa en él como Spanx para la cara! Realmente minimiza los poros y tiene un acabado mate y satinado. No puedo enfatizar la importancia de productos ligeros lo suficiente. Este es algo muy importante para mí ya que no me gusta la sensación de muchas capas de maquillaje sobre me piel.
Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish SPF 15 Foundation (en 3.5 Warm Beige)
Base líquida ligera con cobertura media a completa. Este producto se convirtió instantáneamente en uno de mis favoritos. Me quedé sorprendía por la gran cobertura que puede obtener de un líquido tan ligero. Todavía permite la respiración de la piel y se siente como que no trais nada de maquillaje.

CHANEL Joues Contraste Powder Blush (en Emotion)
He estado usando el rubor de Chanel por años. Sus compactos vienen con una brocha que es muy útil cuando deseas llevarlo contigo para retoques, y su diseño clásico siempre me atrae de nuevo a ellos. Esta fórmula esta pigmentada justamente lo suficiente para darle un color perfecto a las mejillas con una sola aplicación sin hacerte ver como un payaso.

Bobbi Brown ‘Smokey Eye’ Mascara
Otro producto que me encanto instantáneamente . El cepillo ayuda a cubrir cada una de las pestañas y te las dejar mas largas, gruesas y oscuras. Me quedé sorprendida por lo mucho más grueso y largo que hicieron mis pestañas con una sola aplicación, y no tiene que usar mucho para conseguir pestañas increíbles. También separa las pestañas bastante bien. Estoy super impresionado con este rímel!

Clinique Almost Lipstick (en Black Honey)
El nombre lo dice todo, es “casi” lápiz labial. De color oscuro a primera vista pero sale translúcido, para labios que aparentan ser reciente manchados de vino con un poco de hidratación.


Summer-Favorites-part-2.2 Summer-Favorites-part-2.3 Summer-Favorites-part-2.7 Summer-Favorites-part-2.5 Summer-Favorites-part-2.4 Summer-Favorites-part-2.1 Summer-Favorites-part-2.6Here, I share with you some of my favorite summer jewelry, LUSH bath bombs, and my favorite fragrance for summer. These gorgeous gold midi rings are made by Etsy seller Clinton Studios. I looked around for a while when looking to purchase midi rings. I’ve seen gold-tone midi rings everywhere and really liked them but I didn’t want to spend an average of $7 per ring for something that would eventually rust. I looked on Etsy and after reading about Clinton and his work (his about page is so cute, his work companions are his two dogs and the neighborhood cat), I decided to purchase from him. I’m in love with these rings, they are stunning. I paid a bit more for them than I would have from say Claire’s but they are worth every penny. They’re are very well made and came in the most adorable packaging. Anyway, it’s starting to sound like a paid advertisement (I wish), which it’s not, but they’re amazing take my word for it. Invest in staple jewelry pieces like these, it’s well worth it in the long run. Click here to check out Clinton Studios and here to read about his shop and his work.

“…his work companions are his two dogs and the neighborhood cat.”

Chance by Chanel has always been a favorite of mine. I wear it everyday during Summer. It’s such a refreshing, bright, and classic scent; it just puts me in a great mood to start the day, this is Chance Eau Tendre. Another summer favorite are these stunning yellow and white gold orchid earrings. They were a gift from my mother, I believe they’re from Singapore if I recall correctly. I’m not very keen of most floral prints when it comes to clothing, so for me, adding a floral detail like this is perfect.

All of the other jewelry pictured including the quartz necklace with pearl detail, chalcedony and citrine earrings, gold lace and garnet earrings, and the jade and Czech glass earrings are pieces I handmade. When I lived in California, there was a great little lapidary nearby that I loved buying from. I got into jewelry making years ago after seeing a book on it with some easy projects. These are actually some of the first pieces I made and I still wear them. Making your own jewelry is really fun and it’s much easier than one would think. Additionally, few tools are required and they’re not too pricey. If you don’t have a lapidary near you, you can find tons of great stones on Etsy.

DIY semiprecious stone neckalce from Martha Stewart.com

Here’s a 6 minute video from Martha Stewart on how to make those beautiful semiprecious stone necklaces picture above.

Last but not least, it would not be Summer without some of my favorite bath bombs from LUSH. I find these three particularly great for Summertime because they are refreshing and invigorating with citrus, honey, and floral notes- what more could you want? These lovelies make for a rich, luxurious, bath that will help you relax and melt your stress away. Pictured above are Sex Bomb, Fizzbanger, and Honey Bee.

Articulos Favoritos para el Verano- Parte 2

Aquí, quiero compartir con ustedes algunas de mis cosas preferidas para el verano incluyendo joyas, bombas de baño, y mi fragancia favorita para el verano. Estos magníficos anillos de oro estilo midi son hechos por el vendedor de Etsy, Clinton Studios. Busque por un tiempo antes de comprar anillos midi. He visto esto anillos en tono dorado por todos lados y realmente me gustaron pero no quiera gastar un promedio de $7 por anillo que con el tiempo se oxidan. Busque en Etsy y después de leer sobre Clinton y su trabajo (su página es tan linda, sus compañeros de trabajo son sus dos perros y el gato del vecindario), me decidí a comprar de su tienda. Estoy enamorado de estos anillos, brillan tan bonito y la calidad es impresionante. Pagué un poco más por ellos, comparado con lo que cuestan en Claire’s, pero valen cada centavo. Esto está empezando a sonar como un anuncio pagado (ya quisiera), que no lo es. Por fin, esto anillos son increíbles tome mi palabra. Invertir en piezas clásicas de joyería como estos, vale la pena en el corto y el largo plazo porque la calidad las hace ver mejor y duran muchas años mas. Hagan clic aquí para ver la tienda Clinton Studios y aquí para leer sobre su tienda y su obra.

“… Sus compañeros de trabajo son sus dos perros y el gato del vecindario.”

Chance de Chanel siempre ha sido una de mis favoritas fragancias. Lo uso todos los días durante el verano. Es una fragancia refrescante, brillante y clásico; simplemente me pone de muy buen humor para comenzar el día, este es Chanel Chance Eau Tendre. Otro de mis favoritos para el verano son estos impresionantes aretes de orquídea hechos de oro amarillo y blanco. Fueron un regalo de mi madre, creo que son de Singapur, si recuerdo bien. Yo no soy muy entusiasta de la mayoría de telas florales, cuando se trata de ropa, así que para mí, añadiendo un detalle floral como este es perfecto.

Toda la otra joyería en la foto incluyendo el collar de cuarzo con detalle de perla, los aretes de calcedonia y citrino, aretes de encaje de oro y granate, y los aretes de jade y cristal Checo son piezas que yo hice. Cuando vivía en California, había un pequeño lapidario cercano que me encantaba visitar frecuentemente. Empece a hacer joyería hace años después de ver un libro que contenía algunos proyectos fáciles. Estas son en realidad algunas de las primeras piezas que hice y todavía las uso. Hacer su propia joyería es muy divertido y es mucho más fácil de lo que cabría pensar. Además, se requieren pocas herramientas y no son demasiado caras. Si no tienen un lapidario cerca de ustedes, pueden encontrar gemas y otras piedras en Etsy.

Arriba pueden encontrar el video de Martha Stewart donde pueden aprender cómo hacer esos hermosos collares de piedras semipreciosas, que ven en la imagen de arriba. Para ver el video oprimen aquí.

Por último, no sería verano sin algunas de mis bombas de baño favoritas de LUSH. En mi opinión estas tres especialmente son las mejor para el verano. Son refrescante y vigorizante con notas de miel, florales, y cítricos- ¿qué más se puede pedir? Te darán un baño rico y lujoso que le ayudará a relajarte y derretir el estrés. En la foto de arriba se ven las bombas de baño de Sex Bomb, Fizzbanger, y Honey bee.



jen-look-11.5 jen-look-11.4 jen-look-11.6jen-look-11.2jen-look-11.3It’s been so beautiful outside these past few days. Inspired to keep things light and natural I thought this gorgeous Etro dress was just perfect thing. My hair was (surprisingly) working with me on this particular morning so I just quickly curled the ends of my hair and let it be.

Wearing an Etro dress, similar here, Jessica Simpson double ankle strap sandals, similar here, Prada sunglasses, vintage snakeskin clutch, Swarovski lady bug ring, and Chanel Tapage nail polish.