The Best Faux Leather Leggings

Coat: Twenty8Twelve (old)  | Sweater: Thrifted  | Pants: Commando (& here)

Shoes: Thrifted via Poshmark | Bag: Sans Beast

These faux leather leggings by Commando are hands-down the best faux leather leggings, I’ve ever worn. They’re stretchy and hold you in without becoming loose as the day goes on. The outside is very leathery-looking. It has a very realistic leather-like look but the material is thin and stretches fabulously. Unlike other leggings, these won’t squeeze the life out of you. I do have a wiggle my way into them when trying to get them over my booty but that’s an issue I have with all pants so it was to be expected.

The top portion of these leggings has a wide fabric band for extra tummy control. I like how subtle it is, again, it doesn’t squeeze the life out of you. And it doesn’t show through so only you know it’s there. I first fell in love with Commando leggings after trying their patent leather leggings (also faux). The patent material sticks to almost all surfaces, which takes getting used. There’s no avoiding it, that’s just the nature of the fabric. These faux leather leggings don’t stick nearly as much. I do feel them stick a little to my faux leather fabric car seats and sometimes on wooden chairs that have a polished finish but it’s not an issue. They also don’t stick together at the thighs as the patent leather leggings do.

I was surprised at how comfortable these faux leather leggings are. It’s now been 2 months since I purchased them and it was money well spent. They make any outfit really stand out and they hold up great in the wash. I’ve been considering these in black for my next purchase. I linked them above, they come in two colors. You can also find them on Poshmark, that’s where I got mine for nearly 40% off. You can use my Poshmark code “JEANETTEPVEGA” to get $10 towards your Poshmark purchase when you sign up.





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