Things To Buy For a Newborn Baby Girl

Little Unicorn Deluxe Muslin Swaddles

I recently discovered a local store here in Henderson that carries THE CUTEST baby items. If you’re expecting or looking for a gift for someone that is, you have to check this place out. There’s so much to choose from! If you’re local, go in person and if you’re not, don’t worry, they ship! Thank you to my friend Lexi for telling me about this place. 🙂

Little Unicorn Swaddles- Left to Right: Surf Spray, Forest Friends, Pink Peony. Bottom left to right: Blush, Pink Ladies.
Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Swaddles
Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Swaddles


I’m going to be honest with you, some of these items are not super necessary to have for your baby but they are super cute. I would have loved to receive any of these as gifts and actually, I did! I have 2 sets of the Little Unicorn peony swaddles. I bought one early on and was given another set from my baby registry. Little Unicorn muslin swaddles are the best! No really, I must have tested about a dozen brands of swaddles are these are so incredibly soft- especially the deluxe ones! They’re also huge, measuring 47 x 47 inches, and the colors and prints are adorable- I’m seriously obsessed!

Little Unicorn swaddle blankets come in 3 fabrics: cotton muslin, deluxe muslin, and organic cotton muslin. Both the cotton muslin and the organic cotton muslin are soft, lightweight, and breathable. The deluxe muslin blankets are made of bamboo rayon and are SUPER soft.

Little Unicorn Hooded Towel and Washcloth Set

I love, love, love Little Unicorn prints. This watercolor rose print is one of my favorites so I had to get this hooded towel and washcloth set in the same print as the swaddles.


Another brand I’m newly obsessed with is Jellycat. They make the cutest, softest, stuffed animals! The one one the left is a baby rattle.

Little Giraffe socks

Little Giraffe socks are sooo soft and luxurious. These are made of polyester but they feel like cashmere. They look very delicate but they’re not. I machine-washed them and they are still super soft and didn’t shrink.


Baby Bling Cable Knit Headband | Goumi Mitts

How adorable is this Baby Bling headband? The cable knit pattern is so cute. This headband is made of super soft nylon and comes in various colors.

One thing you’ll definitely be needing for your infant are mittens. Babies are constantly accidentally scratching their little faces. So to keep them from looking like they’re in a fight club, I highly recommend these mittens by Goumi Mitts. Unlike traditional mittens with the elastic wrists, these have velcro straps to help keep them on securely. The elastic mittens are definitely less expensive but they are also very easy for baby to take off. You’ll end up losing about half of them and your baby will end up scratching his/her face. Another thing I love about Goumi Mitts is that they don’t leave marks on the baby’s wrists like the elastic mittens do.

Baby Sling by Bundle



This sling is one of the reasons we first visited Love Bug. Bundle was having an in-store demo on baby-wearing and I was really interested in slings after researching a bunch of different ones. I love how practical this particular one is. It’s easy to put on and take off and can be adjusted with one hand, allowing you to hold baby with the other. It holds baby securely and they are snug as a bug in there. Lexi switched from a popular baby sling wrap to this one because of how versatile and easy to use it is. These slings are handmade from 100% linen. When choosing a sling, it’s really important to consider fabric content. Linen is the best choice for this type of item because it provides optimum breathability and wicks away moisture. These features are what make linen such a popular fabric among the world’s warmest countries. I also love all of the natural colors it comes in. We purchased this blush color as well as the copper color.

You can shop Bundle’s collection here, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


When I started my initial research into pacifiers I was instantly drawn to WubbaNub. I looked into various brands but decided to go with these for a few reasons. WubbaNub pacifiers are made of medical-grade silicone (latex-free!). They are the invention of a mom who was tired of losing her baby’s pacifiers. While on vacation, using a hotel sewing kit, she decided to sew a small stuffed animal to her son’s pacifier to keep him from losing it. And just like that, WubbaNub was born! These pacifiers come in many designs and are machine washable. I washed these in a mesh laundry bag on the delicate cycle then laid them flat to dry.

Kickee Pants Double Knot Hat | Aden + Anais Onesie | Mudpuppy Ring Flash Cards

Aden + Anais is a favorite brand among moms everywhere. Between their soft fabrics and adorable prints it’s easy to see why. We didn’t plan on buying any baby clothes during this trip to Love Bug but this print was just too cute to pass up.

Although Marc and I primarily speak English, my first language is Spanish and Marc’s is sign language. So  it’s definitely a priority to teach the baby both of these along with English. That’s why we immediately gravitated towards these Mudpuppy Spanish to English flash cards. I love that they come with a ring for easy travel and the colors and illustrations are really cute.




Last but not least, I have to tell you about these Kickee Pants onesies. If you haven’t noticed already, the recurring theme today is super soft things, lol. I discovered Kickee Pants at Love Bug. My friend Lexi told me about them. They are made from spandex and bamboo viscose which makes them soooooo soft and stretchy! I’m not going to lie, I’m totally wishing I could get these in adult sizes. Lol. Besides the fabric being to-die-for, two other favorite features are the fold over mittens on the sleeves and the rubberized spots on the bottom of the feet.

I’d been looking for onesies with the fold over mittens and was surprised to discover that they are not too easy to find. I’m not sure why that is. It’s a great feature to have because, like I previously mentioned, babies are constantly scratching their faces. The rubberized spots on the bottom of the feet are fantastic for babies in the crawling, walking, running stages; it’s a nice little extra safety feature.

Little Unicorn Deluxe Muslin Swaddles: Surf Spray, Pink Peony, Blush, Pink Ladies | Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Swaddles: Forest Friends, Poppy box set, Watercolor Rose box set | Little Unicorn Hooded Towel Set: Watercolor Rose | Jellycat: Bunny Rattle, Pink Bunny | Little Giraffe: Sock Set | Baby Bling: Cable Knit Headband | Goumi Mitts: Diamond Pattern, Forest Friends | Bundle baby sling|  WubbaNub Pacifiers: Lamb, Penguin | Kickee Pants: Double Knot Hat | Aden & Anais: star print onesie | Mudpuppy: Ring Flash Cards | Kickee Pants Onesie: Green Armadillo, Pink Hedgehog

There are SO MANY other items I want to share with you guys. I don’t even know where to start. I’m just waiting on this baby to arrive so she can help me test some of these items, lol. Lots more coming soon!

Update: 10/28/17

After my experiences shopping locally with LoveBug, I can no longer recommend shopping with them. I will only support brands that care about their customers and have a high standard business practices. 




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