10 Things To Do At Home While on Coronavirus Quarantine

1. Build a paper flower crown

This crown is gorgeous and it’s made with simple materials like wire, tape, and tissue paper. Just skip the beeswax step at the end or use a plant-based wax to make it cruelty-free & vegan-friendly.

2. Sharpen Your Mind with a Game of Sudoku

Print these sheets out and give your brain some exercise to stay sharp! You can also play digitally by downloading this free Sudoku app.

3. Learn a new skill with free classes on Skillshare.com

Choose from hundreds of classes. Want to learn calligraphy, how to cook, how to start an Etsy business, how to start a blog, how to start a dropshipping business, illustration, photography, photo editing, etc. Take your pick of classes and learn for free for two whole months when you sign up using my referral link. Click here for free access to classes. 

4. Make Lucky Stars

I am OBSESSED with these lucky stars. They’re said to bring the receiver luck and they’re so easy to make! Place them in a shadowbox or in a glass jar for gifting or display. The design depends on the paper you use. Check out these origami Nintendo lucky stars! Here are instructions with video if you need a bit more guidance.

5. Declutter A Room in Your House to Ease Anxiety (& make money!)

Clutter adds anxiety to our lives. One can almost feel a weight lifted off one’s shoulder when a room has been cleaned and decluttered. But there’s a bonus, why not sell some of that old stuff & make a quick $50? Here’s an article on how to do just that.

6. Watch an Interesting Documentary

These films will widen your world view. I would add this list “Happy“, “Oceans“, “13th” & “He Named Me Malala“.

7. Have a Picnic on Your Patio or Backyard (or living room)

Grab some vegan cheese and crackers, some lemonade, and all your other favorite small bites; we’re having a picnic! Set up in your backyard with a nice picnic blanket. No backyard? No problem, use your patio, balcony, or living room, get creative! Here’s my favorite vegan chicken salad recipe, the ultimate picnic food!

8. Make Your Own Coffee Body Scrub

Take your old coffee grounds and mix 5 parts coffee grounds and 2 parts room temperature coconut oil. Mix together until it forms a paste, adding more coconut oil if necessary. Then scrub away in the shower. Coffee is said to help brighten skin, diminish the appearance of cellulite, and boost circulation!

9. Take up Yoga With This 10 Minute Yoga for Beginners by Action Jacquelyn

I first discovered Jacquelyn’s videos over a year ago and I love them. Yoga is good for the mind, body, and soul. This type of movement is gentle but helps stimulate all your body systems for improved elimination and immunity. This yoga flow is perfect for beginners. If you’re new to yoga, don’t worry, you don’t need special yoga clothes or even a mat to practice. Just fo it in your pajamas on your living room carpet. Happy stretching!

10. Listen to an Inspiring Podcast

This list of my favorite Podcast features some of THE BEST interviews, insights, and conversations you’ll ever hear. Find something uplifting or inspirations or motivational to keep your spirits high. I need to update that list or create a whole new one. But for now, I’ll also link two new favorites right here: On Purpose and Super Soul Conversations.


Need more inspiration? Here are 48 more things you can do to beat coronavirus quarantine boredom.

What are you doing to beat the boredom? Share your ideas and experience below in the comments!





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