Glam Grocery Shopping During Coronavirus

Top: Old (similar here, here & here) | Skirt: House of Harlow (similar here) | Shoes: Old (similar here) | Belt: Old | Sunglasses: Old (similar)

Soft, fluffy, comfy, cozy sweatpants. Ahh how I love slipping into a pair. It’s getting increasingly difficult to change out of them and wear real pants (or skirts). While it’s TOTALLY appropriate to wear nothing but sweatpants during this uncertain time in the world, it’s also starting to get to me. At first, I LOVED being in my cute cozy sweatpants with matching cropped sweater. But after the first two weeks, I noticed I started feeling super lazy. I binge-watched tv, I ate lots of junk food, I slept in. It was great, for a bit. But then I noticed my mind started to spiral. I started feeling so down on myself and helpless. I missed dressing up for dinners with friends. I missed wearing all the sparkly, glittery things. I missed a good pair of heels. I missed feeling normal.

So I did a normal thing. I dressed up in something that made me feel like myself pre coronavirus epidemic, and I went out. I wore this long glittery sequined skirt and a pearl embellished sweater to the grocery store. Did everyone look at me? Yes. Did some people downright STARE? Yes. Was I uncomfortable, a bit at first. Did I get my groceries? No, because both Marc and I accidentally left our wallets at home and Smith’s doesn’t accept Apple pay. 🙁

Sadly, we left the grocery store empty-handed but I felt a little more normal. Back when we still lived in Las Vegas, it was normal for me to grocery shop in an outfit like this. Sometimes I’d go shoot blog photos and stop for groceries on my way home still wearing whatever I had shot, or I’d pop into Whole Foods after a fun dinner with friends still in my fancy outfit. So for me, this was something normal. I underestimated the sense of normalcy this would bring me. It felt nice. And I plan to do keep doing it.

I hope wherever you are quarantining, that you’re able to do something that makes you feel like life is normal, even if it’s just for a bit. Maybe you can dress up and go out for drinks to your kitchen with your friends over facetime. Maybe you can dress in a cute spring outfit and have a picnic in your backyard or livingroom. Whatever you can do to make yourself feel a little better right now, is worth doing.





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