Handmade Vegan Suede Hat & A Favorite Activism Tee Brand

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Vegan hats make me sooooo happy, like finding a $20 bill on the street happy. That’s because they’re hard to find so when I do come across a good one, I’m overjoyed. The vegan suede hat in today’s post makes me extra giddy because it’s handmade by a small business! Shopping stylish vegan accessories while supporting a small business, yes yes yes, I’m ecstatic! It also comes in black, rustic beige, and rose pink. This hat is impeccably made. It’s got a good weight to it, not flimsy at all. The vegan suede material looks nearly identical to animal suede. I love the braided trim at the base of the crown and the inner lining features a beautiful faux satin fabric that makes the hat seem very luxurious.

Now about my shirt, it’s by CHNGE. This brand makes some really awesome and inspiring tees. I love the beautiful messages on their gear and I really appreciate that every piece is made with organic cotton. Organic cotton is better for your skin, and the way organic cotton is grown saves 88% more water and 62% more energy compared to conventional cotton. Additionally, organic cotton doesn’t damage the soil or contaminate the air. You can expect to see many more pieces from CHNGE here soon because I’m obsessed with this brand.

Both CHNGE and Lynda’s Hats have very reasonable prices, which also get me excited. Typically when I find an environmentally-friendly, organic, vegan item it’ll be priced quite high on the scale. However, these two brands have affordable prices and great-quality items.




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