Rainy day with Hunter boots





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Hunter-gloss-rain-boots-1Rainy days are sprinkled throughout the forecast for this entire next week here in Las Vegas starting today. I’m so excited because I love the rain and because I get to breakout my Hunter rain boots! I’d never been one for rain boots but the snow in Utah this past Christmas had me searching for a pair. Previous visits to Utah during snow season left me with vivid memories of slipping and sliding around on icy streets- not good. Not to mention several pairs of ruined shoes. So this year, I just had to find a pair of snow/rain boots. This however, would not be an easy feat since I have very wide calves and practically nothing fits me above mid-shin.

After looking through several brands and reading LOTS of reviews, I knew I had to go with Hunter boots. They are extremely well-made, come in a variety of colors and styles, and are very stylish. At first I bought a pair of the Original High Gloss, they were an ok fit but I didn’t have any room for socks. Next, I decided to try the Adjustable Back Gloss style and I love them. They have an adjustable strap on the back which give you tons of room in the calf area and plenty of space for thick socks. I paired them with some of Hunter’s Original Tall Fleece Welly Socks; they were warm and just perfect with the boots. Now I’m waiting on a third pair to arrive, the Huntress Boot. It’s like the Original Tall Boot but it has a full-cut shaft, which is a straight cut that makes it fuller at the ankle. The whole boot looks wider from top to bottom.

I ran around in the rain all day yesterday and today in my rain boots and didn’t slip even once. These boots are the real deal and it doesn’t hurt that they are stylish and comfortable 😉


Top: H&M (similar)

Coat: Sutton Studio (similar)

Bottoms: Reflex (similar)

Boots: Hunter (also here & here)

Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana




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