Vegan Food in Playa del Carmen | Basic Foodie Artisan Rustic Bakery & Café

Basic Foodie Artisan Rustic Bakery & Café

A vegan pastry haven, Basic Foodie is home to a scrumptious mix of French and Mexican baked goods that will delight even the most discerning of foodies. While it’s not completely vegan, it’s extremely vegan-friendly with vegan options growing each week! Walking into Basic Foodie, you’ll see a large cafe space to your left with many round wooden tables made of up-cycled wood. There’s a comfy couch in the far corner and huge glass windows let in tons of natural light. Straight ahead is the counter and display case, showcasing baked goods in all their fluffy, sweet, sticky, crumbly glory.

View of the seating area featuring reclaimed wood tables.

Basic Foodie Vegan Pastries & Coffee

Locals love the almond milk lattes with a pastry on the side, it’s the most frequent order received, I’m told. After multiple visits my personal favorites and can’t miss items include their: vegan almond croissant, iced vanilla soy latte, vegan Mexican conchas in three different flavors (vanilla, chocolate, & matcha), vegan brownie, and the bean & cheese mollete made with vegan cheese. However, you can’t go wrong with whatever you order here at Basic, it’s no exaggeration to say, EVERYTHING is delicious!

Almond Croissant & Vanilla Latte with Soy Milk

Made From Scratch with Local Wholesome Ingredients

High-quality ingredients set Basic Foodie apart. They make their own vegan butter out of coconut oil and cacao butter. Ingredients are sourced locally whenever they can be while maintaining quality. For example, their slightly sweet and creamy coconut milk is made and delivered fresh from a local vendor. Venezuelan vanilla is hand-scraped for the vanilla conchas; you can see the little black specks in the sweet crumbly topping. Real Mexican cocoa is used for all the baked goods here. And, unlike most match powders, the matcha used at Basic does not contain milk, meaning their matcha concha is vegan! They also offer fresh cold coconuts and fresh-squeezed orange juice, yum!

Vegan Breakfast at Basic Foodie Cafe Playa Del Carmen

When you visit Playa del Carmen you’ll want to hit up Basic Foodie for a vegan breakfast at least a few times. They make vegan cheese and been molletes! But it’s tough to choose just one because the vegan creamed spinach mollete topped with vegan cheese, sauteed mushrooms, and onions is also absolutely delicious!

Molletes made with vegan baguette, beans, vegan cheese, vegan creamed spinach, sauteed mushrooms and onions.

Fresh locally sourced fruit is also on the menu if you’re wanting something light. Additionally, you can choose from two vegan pudding cups. The first (right) is a chia seed pudding with fresh mango, raspberries, and passion fruit. The second (left), and recently added to the menu, is a double-layered pudding with a Venezuelan vanilla bean base topped with a layer of chocolate pudding and fresh pistachios.

Looking for something more filling but not sweet? Try a Basic Foodie bagel! The plain and onion bagels are both vegan. I really love that Basic Foodie makes their bagels the traditional way, boiled first then baked. Vegan options to accompany your bagel include hummus, sauteed veggies, kumquat jam, passion fruit jam, or seaweed tartare. I’d never seen seaweed tartare before but very happy I tried it, it’s divine!

Onion bagel with hummus and sauteed veggies.
(left) onion bagel with hummus and veggies. (right) seaweed tartare, hummus, avocado, and fresh veggies.

Vegan Pastries in Playa Del Carmen

If you’re in the mood for sweet treats, Basic Foodie is the place to go. Their vegan double chocolate chip cookies and vegan chocolate brownie topped with chocolate ganache and cacao nibs are simply delicious. The conchas are a can’t miss item, they’re the best we’ve ever tried! Vegan almond croissants are the newest addition to the menu and a big hit (and my personal all-time favorite)! They go quick though (as do the vegan conchas) so make sure you get there early!

Vegan brownie made with cacao powder topped with ganache and cacao nibs.

Fresh Baked Vegan Bread in Playa Del Carmen

Basic Foodie also makes vegan bread! I was so relieved to find vegan bread here because most of the bread options at local groceries in Playa del Carmen are not vegan. Almost all the bread at Basic Foodie are vegan, including the multigrain loaf, the white sandwich bread loaf, and the San Francisco Sourdough. They can also slice any of the loaves for you to take home. We love the multigrain loaf for making hearty sandwiches. The white sandwich loaf is good just on its own, it has a crusty, golden top but inside its completely fluffy and will have you dreaming of bread! The San Francisco sourdough is a great option for those that are gluten sensitive. This bread is perfect for dipping in yummy soups or a simple oil and vinegar dip.

front to back: Multigrain loaf, white sandwich bread, San Francisco sourdough.
White sandwich bread loaf
multigrain loaves

Basic Foodie opens from 8 am to 3 pm but by 11 AM most of the pastries are gone or sold out. So when you visit, I highly recommend you get there at 8 am. The early wakeup time is certainly worth it for the conchas and almond croissants alone. Pastry availability changes due to ingredient availability so call before you visit if you have a long drive. Fun fact: Basic Foodie provides many local restaurants in the Quintanaroo area with bread and baked goods!

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